Doula Support at Inlet Birth

Doula support is highly recommended by your care team at Inlet Birth. To be matched with your doula, please fill out our doula matching form.

We have put together a great group of hand-picked doulas that can make a wonderful addition to your birth team. If you are interested in having doula support in labour, you and your partner can expect compassionate, experienced support, and at a considerably lower cost ($850) than you would find elsewhere.

After your doula matching form is received, the doula coordinator will match you with a doula that fits well with you based on your responses on the form. Your doula will then reach out to you to set up a virtual prenatal meeting.

Your doula will be on call for you 24/7 until the birth of your baby or will access backup support from other members of the Inlet doula team. Your doula will provide continuous support during your birth experience both in your home (as appropriate) and at the hospital and stay until everything is settled down after the baby is born.

After your birth the doula will arrange a virtual postpartum check-in to answer your questions about the birth and adjusting to life with a newborn.

Doulas and Partners

Doulas and partners make a great support team and complement each other’s skill sets.

Doulas are a knowledgeable set of eyes and ears in the room and can instill confidence in partners to be the best support person they can be. They enable partners to support the birthing person in the way that feels comfortable to them, and provide knowledge and guidance along the way. Additionally they create space for partners to rest and replenish as necessary in the event of a longer birth experience.

Doulas help partners be their best!

Benefits of Doula Support

Studies have shown that doula support has the following benefits:

  • Lower rates of c-sections, forceps, and vacuum deliveries
  • Reduced or later use of medication for pain relief
  • Shorter labours
  • Higher satisfaction with birth experience

Physical Support

Doulas provide comfort measures such as massage, counter pressure, positional support, assistance with a TENS machine, and support with the tub or shower.

Emotional Support

Presence, continuity, reassurance, and encouragement. Your doula is there to help you feel grounded through the challenging moments.

Educational support

Doulas provide information and education as you navigate your pregnancy and birth experience. They help you understand procedures and recommendations and are a wealth of birth and baby knowledge.

To be matched with your doula, please fill out our doula matching form.


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